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The Easton Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization centered around teens. Our goal is to reach the heart  and soul of as many teens as possible. We want each teen to reach their dream in life, surpassing any obstacles that may come their way.


    All teens are important, from those that seem to have it all, to the ones that think they have nothing. In our eyes teens hold the highest place in society. They will learn that they can turn anything around for the good and see the greater parts of life. We will reach these goals through mentoring, camps, and respect. Structure and the love they deserve. In doing this we will be able to see the world change, for good, one teen at a time.


    We believe all teens should have the opportunity to reach all their goals and to further their knowledge in anything they should choose. Not all people can afford college or have the GPA to get there. Seeing a teen that is truly trying and wanting to better their life, we will give them that chance with the scholarship program through The Easton Foundation.


    It's sad to think of losing a loved one, much less a teen, but The Easton Foundation knows all too well of how it happens on a daily basis. Not all families can afford medical or funeral costs that come with the death of a teen. In that, we believe that all teens are important and deserve a proper burial. With a separate fund just to help families in their time of need, we will step in and help.

Our Mission Statement

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