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Each year, the Easton Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating high school students in Habersham and its surrounding counties.  Since 2015, the Easton Foundation issued over $10,000 in scholarships to local college-bound students. This amount doubled in 2021 and was made possible by numerous local sponsors dedicated to seeing the foundation excel even in the trying times of a pandemic. Most importantly, every student that has applied for the Easton Foundation scholarship and has volunteered for at least one event has been granted a scholarship, echoing Easton's belief that hard work pays off.


2015: Brittany Parham

2016: Alex Kelley

2017: Elizabeth Mayo

2018: Jarred Jones

2019: Avery Garrett


Alexa Sprayberry, Brady Thomas, Kellsie Rogers, Sydney Brookshire, Krista Harrison


Mariyela Guadalupe Martinez Pablo, Kilee Thomas, John Ingram, Teresa Samanta Miguel


Emaline Brunning

Emma Holland

Vanessa Mcjunkin

Emma Moore

Ella Reynolds

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